Sunday, September 09, 2007


On Saturday, a few things were to do in the house. The little entry hall has a problem with condensation, so I put a sealer on the wall and painted later with an anti-condensation paint. That should help.

A paper submission is due by Saturday evening... I am scratching my head about what to write. Finally I have a title and an abstract ready; the remaining 4-8 pages will then have to be written later. One of my students is involved as a co-author, and a segment form his work will be included.

The weather on Saturday is nice; a pity to waste it staying indoors. So on Sunday I have to go out. A short tour through North Yorkshire, to known sites in Ripley, Ripon, Fountains Abbey, Sutton Bank.

After I am back, it is time again to work on the paper.

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