Thursday, April 18, 2013

Monarch Airline: No more flights to Munich from UK this summer

I had already booked a return flight to Munich with the UK airline Monarch, but then, three weeks before the flight (just in time to avoid having to pay compensation) the flights were cancelled by the airline, without giving any reasons.

Quite upsetting, as I then had to scramble to find other, more expensive flights. Digging a bit deeper, it emerged that Monarch originally had offered flights to Munich during the whole year, but around on 10.April then suddenly stopped all flights after 28.April. Very annoying. And absolutely short-sighted and stupid. Because now in summer, the tourist season begins. Sure, in winter there are Alpine skiers who travel to Munich as a base for winter sports. But in summer, Munich is a very popular tourist destination. It is very difficult to see how this cannot be profitable for the airline, especially including the world-famous Octoberfest. Apparently, Monarch will resume flights again on 1.November. Which is a real stupid decision - because who in his right mind would fly to MUC in November? December, yes, there are the Christmas markets. But instead of flying in November, they should fly in September if the want full flights.

There are quite a few upset people who have voiced their anger about the cancelled flights on Twitter - just search for Monarch and Munich. I found at least ten other people who had their flights cancelled. 11 people, with a UK Twitter rate of 1 in 6, makes statistically 66 unhappy people who had their flights cancelled.

And on 9.April, one day before the official cancellation, the Monarch Tweeter apparently was not yet aware of the fact that these flights to Munich would be cancelled one day later, as the Twitter communication with one potential passenger shows.

Sometimes I wonder what goes on in the minds of those people who make such decisions, as to cancel flights to a popular tourist destination during the main tourist season.

Last year, Monarch and the Leeds-Bradford Airport (LBA) had celebrated that this new connection directly from Leeds to Munich was inaugurated, and still on 3.April this news story was on the LBA website.