Sunday, October 09, 2005

The DARPA Grand Challenge 2005

The DARPA Grand Challenge is a competition of autonomous ground vehicles. A prize of $2 Million was awarded to the team who would build a vehicle that could drive through a given route through the desert - without any driver or any remote control. The first Grand Challenge had taken place in March 2004, and on October 8 the 2nd comptetition was organized.

Our team SciAutonics, managed by team leader John Porter, participated in 2005 for the second time with the vehicle RASCAL. The team improved the performance of RASCAL by a factor of more than 20: instead of 0.75 miles in 2004, the vehicle this year drove a stunning distance of 16 miles.

The winner of this competition was the team from Stanford University, under the leadership of Prof. Sebastian Thrun. Congratulations to their remarkable achievement!

SciAutonics, LLC, as a company will continue to work in the autonomous vehicle market.

Conference ISMAR 2005, Vienna

The ISMAR 2005 conference this year took place in Vienna, Austria, October 5-8.