Friday, September 14, 2007

SDF: Research Days

Thursday and Friday of the Leeds Met Staff Development Festival (SDF) were devoted to research. Yesterday I attended a very interesting "Research Conversation" by our own Ben Dalton (from our faculty Innovation North), which followed the keynote talk by John Grimshaw from SusTrans, an organisation devoted to promote sustainable transport modes (such as walking and bicycling). There were more workshops, but I had to skip them due to preparations of a research proposal.

Today in the morning I continued the work on this proposal, which is due in a few weeks... not much time left.

In 20 minutes I will host my own session at this Research Day 2, which I organised with my colleagues Prof. Janet Finlay and Prof. Colin Pattinson: "Innovation through Technology". There will be motion capture, eye tracking, and big screen interaction.

And then there will be the finale at the Headingley Carnegie Stadium. I already parked the car there, since there are not many parking spots. And in the evening, I plan to attend a Rugby Game at the stadium!

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