Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dorinth Hotel, Augsburg

After a 3h travel on the Autobahn on Saturday, I arrive in Augsburg. Staying at the Dorint Hotel, a skyscraper building near the city center. Quite 70-ish in its architecture, built at the time of the 1972 Olympics. The inside architecture too has survived the times, and is a quite homogeneous display of the 1970s style, with its clear modernism and elegant style. The hotel rooms are furnished very elegantly and modern, giving a very classy yet comfortable feel. Huge windows let lots of light in from the balcony. The view of my room goes towards north, onto a wooded park area. Internet connectivity is a bit strange: they have an ISDN phone / internet line, but who has a mobile ISDN modem? No ethernet, just wireless through Vodaphone (I may post a summary of the experiences with that service soon).

Breakfast buffet is great, with a large selection of many items.

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