Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Ethics Debate (cont.)

As a response to my "dreadful reflection" (according to Prof. Simon Robinson, but said with a wink), several people replied, and their replies had been posted last week one by one, everyday a different one, breaking the usual pattern of one single weekly reflection (see on the archive in the right-hand column of the Ethical Reflections page. And this week, I was given the opportunity to post my reply. I hope I hit the right tone and could convey my opinion about this issue of ethics in research, resp. ethics vs. research. The 200 words limit for these reflections is quite limiting when trying to express thoughts in their full clarity... but here in the UK everybody seems to love those word count restrictions - they have almost developed into an art form and are used in all kinds of writings, in proposals, summaries, essays. Oh well...

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