Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Short Hike: Great Almscliff Crag

The weather is just so nice, I cannot resist taking a short trip into the countryside, despite the fact that I still have to write two papers, have to digitize several video sequences, have to write software... and have to do some assembly work in the house. But here is not California, where the weather is always good: when the sun shines in Leeds, you better make good use of it - it might be the last time for a while. And so I head towards North across the Wharfedale near Otley. I always have seen that little rock from far away - it looks like the highest peak around, and I want to climb it. Without any map, I just drive by sight towards it. But in the maze of little valleys, the peaks disappears out of sight, and I drive for a while in a spiral motion around it, until I finally have reached the "inner spiral": now I see the peak very close.

It is the Great Almscliff Crag, a stone formation that sticks out of the wavy hilly landscape. There are several cars parked on the nearby road, these are mostly rock climbers, as the vertical slopes of that rock allow a little bit of Alpine feel.

On the way up, the wind blows strongly and uninhibited by any obstacle. The clouds move fast from West, and soon it will be cloudy again. From the top there is a gorgeous view in all directions. After I have been on top, I go down on the other side, walk around it, and then go back. As I arrive at the home, the sky is overcast - that's it with the sunshine.

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