Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A day full of workshops

Today I attended 3 workshops in the "Options Day" of the ALT conference as part of the Leeds Met Staff Development Festival: the first workshop introduced the Innovation North approach to footprint timetabling of courses, which is a new way of dealing with the flexible learning requirements. The second workshop was held by Graham Orange and was about research in a Further Education context and how it can be fostered. The 3rd workshop was actually cancelled, but Sally Brown held a replacement workshop about Assessment. I had to miss the final workshop which I had originally booked, due to some work that I needed to do quickly. And then was a meeting of the informal "Ethics" group at Leeds Met, where we discussed how to respon to current themes. It was decided to hold a few public debates about controversial issues, to stimulate discussions and thinking. And I set up a blog: Uneasy Ethics (is for now a working title). Nothing of significance has been posted there yet, but we will see how the ethics group - and then the public - will respond to this.

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