Thursday, September 20, 2007

Preparing the "Performance Review"

Every year, each professional has to undergo a performance review, for assessing the individual performance in the job, for the purpose of promotion and career advancement. This has been so in my job at Rockwell Scientific (RSC) in the US, which was a privately owned company. And it is so here at Leeds Met. This review determines also the raises of salary... therefore it is quite important to have a good review.

A interesting aspect, to which I still am not completely used, is that the reviewed person has to write the review himself... so one has to be very positive about one's own work. The next higher manager will then review what was written, and either approve or disapprove. This is in fact not too bad, as usually the manager is not aware about all the things that the reviewee has done. Well, on Thursday I took the time to write and submit my performance review...

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