Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Two Fires in Yorkshire

On my way to Huddersfield between 11:00 and noon, as I was driving on the motorway M62 towards West, I saw this large cloud of black smoke covering the sky. A fire was burning somewhere. I was curious, and at the exit 25 I went north instead of south, to see what it was that was burning. Somewhere north of Brighouse was the source of the fire: in the Monoplas Industries. In the news in the evening, it was reported that plastic containers had caught fire, causing that thick black smoke.

Later in the evening, as I drove down the slope into the Kirkstall valley, there was another plume of smoke, coming from somewhere behind the "Bridge Pub" near the bridge across the river Aire. I stopped at Morrisons for shopping, and when I came out, the smoke was gone, only a smell of burnt plastic in the air. Coincidences? Two fires on one day? Does not happen very often. About the 2nd fire, nothing was in the news in the evening (or did I miss it?).

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