Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday: Yorkshire

A strong wind blows from the West on Sunday. It is quite sunny, a lot of traffic flows through Headingley, as there is an important game happening at the Headingley Stadium. Everywhere are now crowds of new student arrivals, as the semester at Leeds Uni and at Leeds Metropolitan begins. A relaxed party-atmosphere is in the air, the bright September sun shining down on the large groups of pedestrians moving towards the stadium.

Time to get out into the country side, to a short trip to the Great Almscliff Crag where I already had been 2 weeks ago. This time the wind is even stronger, it is hard to stand up.

A helicopter lands: there had been an accident at the rock climbing area, someone had gotten hurt and needs to be transported away.

The strong west wind finally brought the rain clouds over the Pennines, the sun disappears, and a rain shower comes down. Time to get back into the car and head back home. When passing Kirkstall Abbey in the darkness, there is actually something going on: an orchestral concert! I recognize Tchaikovsky's "1812". The abbey is illuminated in various colors, purple, blue, red. The guarding attendant mentiones that there is supposed to be some fire works. But due to some technical defect, however, the firework does not start.

Weekend is over, now preparing for a 3-day workshop on research supervision. This is required to be able to formally become a Director of Studies.

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