Saturday, September 22, 2007

Travel to Germany

During the day, strong rain showers were once again pounding down in the Northern England region. I had taken the day off, to prepare for travel. The rain stopped in the afternoon, and even the sun came out a bit.

As I took a few pictures of the Leeds Bradford airport, a parking attendant approached me, telling me that it is forbidden to take pictures. Well, I stopped, but then I wondered where the sign for this was - I did not see any sign anywhere which told that one cannot take pictures of the airport buildings. And even if there would be signs: how legitimate are they anyway? If they would be consequence, they would have to be "Do not look at this building". Because with each look and view, I actually take an image: stored in my brain. Now if that is allowed, then logically it must be allowed to take a picture with a camera too. Whatever one can see, one is allowed to take a picture of. And whatever one hears, one is allowed to record and listen to it later. The only limitation: it may be forbidden to pass these recordings on to others. I would like to fight for this interpretation of the right to record anything in court. It is a basic human right to memorise things, and this memorising includes storing it on an external version of the brain. (Here is another thought for an ethical reflection).

And here are a few pictures that I shot before being told to stop. Watch them at your own risk, as it seems to be forbidden to look at the airport and memorise resp. capture images of it!




The flight to Duesseldorf took off one hour late, but due to back winds it arrived just 20 minutes after the scheduled arrival.

Duesseldorf is actually not very suitable for my travel, as I needed to be in Southern Germany, not in Northern Germany. But the only other direct flight from Leeds to Germany would go to Hamburg - even further away from where I needed to be. And so I rented a car and drove south through the night on the A3. Not much traffic, the ride was smooth. I arrived at 1:00 am at my family's home near Wuerzburg.

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