Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Monday the last work on the paper. Two more authors have agreed to contribute, and the paper has developed nicely. I write intro, technology section, conclusions. Is a bit disconnected, but is worth to submit for review to the workshop organisers. Let's see if it gets accepted.

Otherwise, a few meetings at work. Individual Performance Review. Meeting re. the "Virtual Runner" project - it progresses nicely, the students working on it are very keen and interested.

Wednesday is the eGov workshop, of which I am actually a chair. But already a fw months ago I had indicated that I would only be able to contribute a small amount of work. At the same time there is a 3 hour meeting for the presentations of MSc students in Creative Technology. They are doing quite some fabulous work. I think this should be included in the website of our Centre for Creative Technology.

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