Monday, September 03, 2007

Staff Development Festival: ALT Conference

On Monday the Leeds Met Staff Development Festival continues: Pro-Vice-Chancellor Sally Brown is opening the Assessment, Learning and Teaching (ALT) Conference. There are three very intersting keynote speaches: Neil Fleming presents the V.A.R.K. concept: every learner has certain preferences in his/her learning style: visual, auditory, read/write, or kinetic (learning by doing). Each conference participant filled out his questionnaire and came to a personal classification. My own classification turns out to be "read/write". Then Gilly Salmon from U. Leicester talks about their online projects ("Mediazoo") and about technology-enhanced learning in general. In the afternoon, John Naughton gave a talk about technology and current trends in social networking. Very sharp arguments, well spoken, and not afraid of taking clear sides ("the use of powerpoint should be made a punishable offense"). A very passionate liberal intellectual - more people of his type are needed.

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