Monday, September 24, 2007

Southern Bavaria

A great "Indian Summer" weather has been over Central Europe for a while, with warm temperatures (up to 25 C = 75F) and blue sky. Excellent weather to enjoy the sights of Southern Bavaria. Driving towards south, the Bavarian Alps appear on the horizon,
giving a gorgeous frame to the hilly meadows covered in intensly green grass. Lakes, mountains, architecture are very pleasing to the eye. Many walks are possible, around lakes, up to hills. And everywhere there is a "Gasthaus" to be found, with hearty local food at excellent quality but inexpensive prices. Good that I took one additional day of vacation, to enjoy this wonderful area. Yes, I could not avoid ending up near the tourist trap "Neuschwanstein Castle"... but the town of Fuessen which is nearby, is actually at least as spectacular, with its historic houses and the large castle in the centre. Much more historic (from medieval times) than the "modern" Neuschwanstein castle (from the mid 19th century).

Pictures from the excursions into Southern Bavaria are available in a Flickr set.

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