Friday, December 01, 2006

MS Explorer 7

In an earlier post a few weeks ago I reported that I upgraded to MS IE version 7. In the meantime, I have learned about a few problems - no idea what the reason for those is.

On my office PC, some web sites are no longer accessible. This includes Hotmail, GMail, and a few sites with secure https connections. This may be a problem with the Leeds Met Proxy and Firewall, but it worked ok with IE 6. Strangely, these sites are accessible from my laptop while connected to the uni network. And for a day, they were also accessible on the office PC, so I just thought the sites had some problem.

Our Leeds Met IT staff is looking into this, but the first remarks I got is that they think that MS IE7 does several "forbidden" things, which are then blocked by various programs (virus checker, firewall, ...).

I will keep you posted on this, as I find out more about the problem.

--- I just learned from our LeedsMet IT dept that several "corporate applications" will need an update, in order to work properly with MS IE 7. Now that is a bummer... for a Windows Update which is marked by Microsoft as "critical". Or maybe the fault is with those "corporate applications" which may have been written without folllowing the guidelines given by MS?

In any case, I will switch now to FireFox. I bet that this upgrade to MS7 will cost Microsoft the market share leadership...

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