Wednesday, December 20, 2006

"Our" Cat

Since we moved into the Cottage, we have a frequent guest: Clive's black cat was used to come into the cottage, to visit the previous inhabitants. Probably to get some food. It is a very friendly cat, and very talkative: it constantly eminates loud "meeeaaauhs" - when she wants to get in, or when she wants to get out. Or just when she sees something interesting. We tested it: it really likes the delicious Jersey milk - also my favorite.

When the furniture came, the cat was walking right into it, checked out all the boxes, even inspected the moving truck from the inside. After she found everything allright, she came back, slurped her milk, then went for a sleep - on top of the pile of boxes.

We gave her a name - because of her constant cat-talking (miau), we call her "Voice-of-reason".

In the evening, voice-of-reason usually wants to go out - to hunt some mice, or to get some company from Clive's other cat.

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