Monday, December 25, 2006

Parkside Cottage

Here are a few pictures of the "Parkside Cottage" where we live now. It is located between Leeds and Bradford in the "Green Belt", close to Pudsey. Very rural environment, with nearby farms. The property actually consists of two houses: the "Parkside House" where our landlord lives, and the "Parkside Cottage". Both houses date back to the 1840s, and at one point it is said that the Lord Mayor of Leeds lived here. Clive, our landlord, has taken a lot of effort to restore the buildings and equip them with the latest installations. Just last year, the interior of the cottage has been renovated.

The name "Parkside" is because the property is located a short distance west of the Farnley Park, a large park with old trees.

View of the cottage from the entrance gate.

View down towards West - on the left side is the "Parkside House"

View up the entrance ramp. It is too steep for the Granada to drive in - I almost got stuck once with the car bottom touching the ground, but the Suzuki can go in fine.

The kitchen is quite large.

The first "furniture", before our stuff arrived, was the IT-center in the living room.

View from the North-Western kitchen window.

Night over the Parkside.

Picture from the webcam. This is a night shot from November. A live picture is also available, but the site is down over the Christmas holidays. In order to view the picture, you will have to register (I am working on the scripts for this).