Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Last day of ISLES meeting

Wednesday we meet again in the building next to the Giardini di Minerva. There is a short presentation by Prof. Paola Capone about a 3D model of these Giardini. Then we continue and conclude the project discussions. The members of the group have now met for the last time - the ISLES project is hereby officially over. Well, the formal deadline is end of December, but the members have now seen each other for the last time. I am veyr grateful that I could be a part of this group, allthough my contribution to the actual project progress was neglectible. Well, I represented my university, Leeds Met, in these 3 meetings during 2006. And I made lots of pictures, which the other project partners gladly downloaded. Also for this meeting I will prepare a online photoalbum, where I will share the best of my shots.

After the meeting ended, there is still an hour of daylight. So Lena and I drive once more to the Amalfi coast, to visit some more places there.

Village of Cetera.

In Amalfi.

Moon over Amalfi.

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