Thursday, December 07, 2006

In Napoli (Naples)

I have taken two more days of vacation, so that I will travel back to Leeds only on Sunday. This gives us 3 additional days here in the Campagna, for some interesting sightseeing.

This Thursday we decide to go to Napoli. The car stays at the hotel - after all I am not suicidal. We take the train. A walk of 15 minutes to the train station in Salerno. Then waiting for the train. The round-trip ticket costs only 6.30 Euro, roundtrip, and it includes public transportation in Naples.

A delay. There are two monitors, and each shows a different delay time... we just wait, and after 50 minutes the train arrives. An old-fashioned train, with cars of compartments. We find two seats. The train continues non-stop to Napoli.

We walk through the "dangerous area" where recently tourists had come into cross-fire from the competing Mafia / Camorra gangs. Pass the Duomo, through a quarter where they solely seem to sell christmas decorations. With a funicolare up a hill, then down with another one. Along the coast, to Santa Lucia. The sun is setting. Back to the train station. As we wait at a bus stop, the bus R2 is delayed - information screens show that in 14 minutes the bus will arrive. But its delay remains at 14 minutes. When it finally arrives after 30 minutes, it is so crammed full of people that we decide to take the metro instead. Changing the line at one point, then on to the train station. The next train which we intend to take - is delayed by 40 minutes. We decide to opt for a later local train, and arrive well in Salerno.

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