Sunday, December 10, 2006

Return to Leeds

Sunday morning we packed our stuff and drove to Naples airport. No incident, everything went smooth. A wonderful morning, blue sky. A long line at the Air France check-in counter, moving only slowly ahead. Again a flight in three legs: first to Paris, then to Amsterdam, then to Leeds.

The plane departs with 30 minutes delay. The time would be tight for catching the plane, especially since the Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport in Paris has lonw walkways between the terminals.

As we took off from Naples, a last view onto the Mediteranean Sea, the isles of Capri and Ischia (have to visit them next time), the coast line. We arrive at CDG with a 30 minute delay. On the way between terminal 2D and 2F, I buy a baguette sandwich - these are delicious! And Lena buys a loaf of bread for the evening. A line at the terminal check - we barely make our flight, board the plane as the last passengers.

Then in Amsterdam we have 3 hours until the last flight. Hanging around in the KLM business lounge #25, we enjoy the free hospitality - probably for the last time. Next year I will not have the Platinum Elite priviliges anymore - I was flying too few miles in 2006...

After the arrival in Leeds, cold and windy weather greets us. And - the car does not start. The battery has become weak again, some currents in the electric system must have drained it. Fortunately I had expected this - afterall, what else to expect from a 350-Pound car? And I had taken the boost battery, with which I was able to start the car, after connecting it to the car battery for 15 minutes. At 10:30pm we arrived back in the Cottage.

Before we left, we had switched off the heating, to save some on our gas bill. But now the house seemed inside colder than the weather outside... It took the whole night to warm up. Next time we will leave the heating on.

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