Tuesday, December 05, 2006

ISLES Workshop

On Tuesday, "regular" work takes over. The meeting point is again in the Commune di Salerno. As I walk into the building, asking about the meeting location in my few words of Italian which I know, I am being sent up to the 2nd floor. It turns out that there is a conference, but not the one I need: there is the "Conference of State Police".

Walking again outside, I meet the translator. Then Nino comes. After some time, everybody is there. We walk up to the Giardini Minerva (web site is unfortunately only in Italian), where the meeting will take place in the administrative buildings of the Commune di Salerno.

On the terasse of the Giardini Minerva above Salerno.

During the day, workplans and budget issues need to be discussed. I have to leave after some time, to make a Skype conference with Leeds Met, for another project in whcih I am involved. At the commune administrative buildings, Skype and teleconference ports are blocked, so Nino invites me to his gallery, which has internet access. From there I talk for one hour with the group back in Leeds, then I head back to the ISLES meeting.

A tour of the Minerva gardens just begins, and a guide talks about the concept and history of this medieval herb garden. Then the meeting continues, finances, and budget of the ISLES project are being discussed. Lunch is served on the terrace of the garden, prepared with herbs from this particular garden, and we sit on the terrace with its gorgeous view over Salerno and the harbor.

In the evening, we again visit all together one of those nice trattorias here in the town and have a gorgeous meal, with all kinds of food being shared among us all. And we also celebrate Marina's birthday.

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