Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Leeds Christkindl Market

Yes, Leeds has a German Christkindl Market! In the heart of the city, on Millennium Square near Civic Hall, every year a few stands are put up with an authentic Christmas atmosphere. Well, almost. There is no snow here, just wet cold air. But it is nice, with "Gluehwein", red Bratwurst, and freshly baked Brezen. And of course Lebkuchen and Aachener Printen. Last year when I was working in the Leeds Met Civic Quarter campus, I went there often after work, just to stroll a bit around. This year I only made it twice there - and I bought some cookies for my "Academic Coach" class. Already in mid November it is open, but this weekend were the last open days - it closed on 18.December.

Below are a few pictures from the market, taken this year and last year.

View towards South, with Leeds Town Hall in the background.

View towards north, with Civic Hall

Nightly illumination.

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