Friday, December 08, 2006

In Pompeii

What would be a visit to Naples without visiting the ruins of Pompeii? Since childhood I was fascinated by the Roman history, maybe triggered by the Asterix and Obelix cartoon figures. Now, for the first time, I visit that famous site of the remaining ruins of the ancient city.

The approach seems a bit difficult: The autostrada exit Pompeii-Est seems too far off from the site, so we do not take it. But the next exits do not mention Pompeii again, so we decide to just try our luck and follow plain instinct. A tiny sign indicates the "scavi Pompeii", but somehow we end up in a dead end, in one of those Italian markets, in the "new" Pompeii. Finally we find our way, and park the car at the Car Park "Via Plinii", where parking is free for Hertz rental cars.

For the whole day we walk through the streets of the antique city, or what remains of them. First it seems all somewhat repetitive, ruined houses, paved streets, columns everywhere, but then, as we enter some of those houses, we see the wonderful fresci paintings, the gardens, fountains, wall decorations, which give a vivid impression of the life 2000 years ago. The site closes at 5pm, it is already dark then when we leave.

Columns in Pompeii.

Forum - with Vesuvio in background.

Remains of columns.

Inside one of the villas.

Street in Pompeii.


Mode fresci.

In a courtyard.

View over the ruinbs of Pompeii, towards south.

In a former Therme bath house.

Street in the evening sun.

Inside a Roman house.

Antique inscriptions on house walls.

Birth of Venus.

After we left the archeological area, we went into the "new" town of Pompei. There seemed to have been a pilgrimage, since today is a holiday in Italy (8. December) - the church is full of warshippers, the main street is closed for cars.

The church "Madonna del Rosario di Pompeii".

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