Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Furniture Arrives!

On Thursday the truck with our belongings arrived at the Parkside Cottage. The two movers already had arrived the day before, but were unable to reach me as I was in my tutorial at the university. On Wednesday evening I met the two guys in the nearby pub "Beulah" where we had a beer together. I had been concerned if the large truck would fit through that narrow one-lane road that leads to our cottage, but they were optimistic. And true, next morning as I looked out of the window and was wondering when the truck would arrive, it just came.

They estimated 2 hours for the unloading, but it took a total of 6 hours. A few boxes had to be put into the garage - no place in the house anymore.

And now that the movers have left, the house is full with the boxes and the wrapped furniture. A lot remains to do in the next weeks.

And after the first unpacking, we already discover a few damaged items. This makes us less optimistic for the rest of the stuff...

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