Wednesday, November 08, 2006

MS Internet Explorer 7 - first try

Yesterday, when performing the usual Windows Update, I saw that in the list of updates the new MS Internet Explorer Version 7 was there. So I installed it on my office PC, but had no time to try it out. Today in the morning I ran it. First issue: something with the toolbars - they were disabled. I looked for a way of enabling them, but could not find how to set them. I was prompted on the welcome page to download the Windows Toolbar. First I hesitated, because I had the Google Toolbar, and that served me well and I wanted to keep it. But since all the toolbars had been gone, I decided to give the Windows toolbar a chance.

I noticed that there were much fewer buttons - where were the "Favorite Links"?

After loading the Windows toolbar, a page with a Welcome screen and various customisations was shown.

Somhow I got to two instances of IE7 on the desktop... although several website can be viewed in one instance, by being displayed in separate tabs.

The old Google toolbar now showed up.

The Favorites toolbar is actually not a toolbar, but just shows the favorites (bookmarks) on the left side, as folders. I do not like this, as this takes space away from the viewing area...

Finally I figured out how to get back the Links in the top: Tools/Toolbars/Links, then unlock the toolbars, shift it into the visible region, then lock them again.

I will play more with this new version and will report peculiarities.