Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Horray - I do have Broadband Internet at home!

The engineer from British Telecom (BT) just left the Parkside Cottage a few minutes ago, and he finally sorted out the technical problems which prevented me from having internet access there, for the past 2 months.

So I try this now, and yes, I am able to upload to the blog. Finally I can access the web also in the evening. I already had drafted a flaming entry about British Telecom, but now it is pointless since everything works ok now. (Well, let's see).

The problems were:
  • The DSL signal on the line had a low signal-to-noise ratio, so the synchronisation blanked out once in a while. This was rectified now by the engineer who went to the exchange (?) to fix something there. I did not quite understand what it was... it was NOT boosting the signal as I would have expected, but some other kind of "conditioning".
  • At the exchange, he also "remarked" my line which had been with another provider, from the previous tenant. This is quite revealing about the slow and incompetent internal procedures of BT: since 2 months they knew that I had subscribed to BT, but they still had left the line designated to another provider, from the previous tenant... ok, I am not ranting now - will keep this for a later entry.
Now I am simply glad that I do have online access at home. Let's see how long it will last.