Sunday, November 19, 2006

Salts Mill

North of Bradford is the town of Shipley. Its most well know feature is the Salts Mill and Saltaire. Last year, shortly after my arrival here in the UK, I already had found this sight by simply following the many road signs that are on the way.

Formerly a huge steam mill with its own train station and village (Saltaire) for the workers of mill, the industrial production at this site has been closed for many years. Now there are a few small businesses located in the vast building complex, but the most prominent "inhabitant" is the gallery, owned by David Hockney. On several floor there are exhibits of paintings and installations, a cafe and a diner, and shops for purchasing artwork, prints, books, postcards.

Around the mill there is a park. The weather on this Sunday (19. November 2006) was a bit cool and wet, so it felt much better inside the gallery than walking outside.

The Salts Mill main building.

Saltair Village - Unesco-protected housing complex from the mid 19th century.

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