Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Visiting other Institutions

Our hosts are from the H.M.Patel Institute for English. We are also interested to meet other people from the university. Unfortunately, this is the time of the Hindu festival Diwali, which just was a few days ago: celebration of the beginning of the New Year. Students actually have off, and many of the staff is on holiday too. This Diwali festival becomes more popular, as India appears to move away from Western holiday schedules: we were told that a few decades ago Christmas was the major holiday, but it is being nowadays been replaced by Diwali.

We visit the Faculty of Arts which is not very far away. Very interesting architecture of the building. We see the workshop rooms and ateliers, with exhibitions of paintings and sculptures. Then we try to meet someone at the Faculty of Art, but they are all on holiday. We further visit Asha's faculty, the Faculty of Business. were we receive an information pack and a light meal, prepared by the restaurant of the School of Tourism.

In the evening, Dr. Jadeja, head of the H M Patel institute, invites us to a restaurant. I enjoy the dosa, but I could not resist ordering s "sizzler": cabbage leafes outside on a sizzling pan, inside filled with rice and vegetables. There appears also to be a sausage-like thing - is probably made of soy.

Am feeling a bit worse, the frequency and intensity of my sneezing increases.


Anonymous said...

So now your making me hungry :)

Hope the sneezing has eased up a bit.

Reinhold Behringer said...

Sneezing had been replaced by coughing... still 3 weeks afterwards I am still sick! Slowly recovering though, and trying to catch up and fill in all the missing entries during my travel.