Tuesday, November 11, 2008

At the Narmada Dam

After the workshop we drive up towards the mountains, to the Narmada Dam. We have to get a permission first, because the entry into the whole area is secured. Then we go to one of the viewing points. The dam is quite big, a colossal thick concrete structure. It blocks the water which would normally flow down from the mountains to form the Narmada river. This project has been envisaged in the 1950s but has been partially completed just recently. There is a lot of controversy about it: safety concerns, the large impact into the eco-system, and the displacement of the tribal population. Resistance has been persistent, documented on a website about this project: www.narmada.org. But Dr. Yoshi points out the benefits of this and other dams: regulated water, electricity, and as a consequence an increase of the living standard.

We drive to the visitor centre, from where we get a very good view of the dam.

Further along the lake we see the natural beauty of the landscape. There is a crocodile swimming somewhere.

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