Sunday, November 02, 2008

Evening dinner at restaurant "Purohit"

After our initial walk around, I plan to walk again, to see a bit more and take more pictures. But tiredness finally overwhelms me, after I had just a total of 2 hours of sleep during the flight, and I take a 2h nap in the late afternoon. We then walk to the restaurant "Purohit", where a variety of delicious Gujarati dishes are being served, for approx. 1 pound per person. Lots of raw onion and garlic – fortunately we all eat the same stuff, so no worries about possible smell effect. After dinner we are invited to Asha’s home where we have a tea.

The tea here is very good: it always is served already with milk in, and quite lot of it. The milk has been heated before being put in the tea, so it happens that a skin forms on top of the tea. It is served in quite small cups, almost as small as espresso cups.


Anonymous said...

What if you dont take milk in your tea????????

Just stopping by to say hello :)

Reinhold Behringer said...

well, you only have the choice of tea (with milk) or no tea at all, as the milk and the tea appear to be boiled together in the tea preparation process.
You can also have coffee, but that comes with even more milk, as it appears almost whitish :)