Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In Surat: Pacific Inn Hotel

The waiter brings breakfast into the room: tea and sandwich. I hesitate: should I trust them to have taken all the hygienic precautions that food preparation requires? When nobody seemed to care about the usual hygienic procedures like cleaning the room / toilet after guests move out or before new ones move in? Well, I have already become quite desensitised in these days, so I actually eat the sandwich. Tastes good. Has a bit of salad which I had avoided so far, because of the water washing (water is always assumed to be contaminated, at least for us sensitive and unadapted Westerners). But I assume now that I have been a bit adapted. And indeed, no problem re. food occurs to me on the whole trip. Only my strange cold or infection in the throat worries me a bit...

At daylight we can have a closer look at this hotel. Has inner court yard, with balconies and bridges.

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