Monday, November 03, 2008

Strange Interlude...

At one meeting in the afternoon, we are told that an "important" guest would be here who would like to meet us: the son of the finance minister. Our hosts distribute to us 1-page copies from a recent speech he gave, so that we could inform ourselves with his view and opinion. There is mention of Lorad Macauley (1835) who said something very positive about the Indian education system at that time - and then he continued that it needs to be destroyed, so that Britain could win. Hmmm... not a nice gesture from him. We emphasise with the Indians. But then, the tone of the article remains somewhat hostile: with a steady mention of the imperialistic West who has an interest in fueling tensions between Pakistan and India. It appears a bit biased - what does that guy have in mind, and what does he want to talk about when he meets us? Are we on the bench of the accused and will we have to represent the whole Western world and its failures? Well, I always can claim that I am German, and that I have nothing to do with British colonialism :) (for once, being a German might be turn out advantageous to me). Just kidding - of course, I declare my solidarity with Britain ("Isch bin ayn Leedser!"). We talk to our hosts... they do not really see anything wrong with this article and just smile away... But in the end that meeting with the "important guy" never happens.

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