Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Presentation at Conference

On Tuesday morning, Ruth, Jane, Brian and myself are invited to be in the speakers panel of this conference and give a presentation. With the exception of Brian we begin working on our Powerpoint presentations, which would be about our work, interests, and about our own institutions. Brian does not use PowerPoint - he talks in the "classical" traditional way, without slides and computer.

My talk is about "Artificial Creativity". I reuse some of the material that I had presented at the Mini-Symposium at the Leeds Met Staff Development Festival 2 months ago. Fortunately a projector is made available, so that we can connect the laptop and show the presentations. My talk causes some laughter by Brian: I mention Ray Kurzweil's "Cybernetic Poet". Brian dismisses the automatically generated poem which I show as an example, as rubbish... and he is probably right.

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