Monday, November 03, 2008

Vallabh Vidganagar

I finally begin to understand the geography: We are in Vallabh Vidyanagar, our host institution is the Sardar Patel University, specifically the H.M.Patel Institute for English Teaching and Research. The town appears to be grown together with the town Anand, which is bigger. Overall, the two towns appear very rural. Vallabh Vidyanagar has wire roads with large trees at the side, giving a nice shadow in the warm weather (the first days here the max temperature was 36 C). In the evening, someone sweeps the leaves from these trees into small piles, and these are then set on fire, filling the air with a scent of burned leafes. In addition, there are often burning incense sticks at memorials or altars / shrines, which add to the aroma in the air. Overall, there is a lot of smell in the air - and not always a good one. When walking towards the more busy streets, there are a lot of cows there - including what they leave behind... The streets main streets are quite busy, with many of those motor rickshaw taxis driving around. Once in a while, a camel-drawn cart comes along.

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