Saturday, June 21, 2008

Manchester Airport (MAN)

The train arrived in time at Manchester Airport (MAN). Seemed to be quite well insulated re. EM radiation, as I had trouble receiving GPS signals, even as I sat near the window after many passengers had left the train in Huddersfield (is there anything going on today? Huddersfield seemed quite popular).

At MAN I met 4 of my Leeds Met colleagues resp. students who are heading to the same event.

MAN is somewhat dreadfull. Construction everywhere, a new railway track is being laid at the train station (good), the signage for directions is confusing (bad). At the elevator in terminal 1 it stated departure at level 5. But it also said check-in at level 0. So we all went first to level 0, only to find out that just a few airlines do have their check-in there. Up to level 5. The others are booked on Thomas Cook, while I am on Cyprus Airways, so we part for now.

Check-in goes smooth, I will have seat 4A. Window is always what I want when flying.

Long lines at the entrance to the gates. First a zig-zag to boarding card check. Then carry-on xray. Then suddenly the path goes right through a large duty-free shop. Everything slows down as the passengers hurying to their flights are stopped by the ones who pay for their purchases. After arriving in the gates hall, I turn quickly to Dixons. At least one reasonable store here. Long lines at a book store, but most people just buy there sandwiches and drinks.

For quite a while, the anouncement display states for my flight "will be anounced in 5 minutes". I have a sandwich, then go to gate 24 as it appears listed on the board. Crowds are still standing in front of that board, waiting for their departure gate to show up. Stairs leading down to a cellar, then leading up again to a glassed waiting room. Now waiting for boarding. The flight already is supposed to have started...

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