Sunday, June 22, 2008

Driving to Hostel

Ultimately we had to leave the plane and wait in the nightly airport lounge. After about 1 hour waiting, the announcement was made (in Greek only) that there would be no plane today to Larnaca. Instead, they would drive us by bus. Bummer. And I had been looking forward to a restful sleep...

Immediately I text Nikos, the cab driver, who is waiting at Larnaca Airport to pick me up and is expecting the plane to arrive at 11pm. Since he is the only one who knows where I am supposed to go tonight, it is imperative that I meet him. Aternatively, I could have taken a taxi from Paphos airport directly to my destination - that is whay my colleagues did. Originally, I thought that the drive would be too long, but now with going first from Paphos to Larnaca, then to Nicosia, the direct taxi from Paphos to Nicosia looks more and more like a viable option.

Some confusion at Paphos airport about where to take the bus... But finally we sit all in the bus and drive along the coast towards east.

I use the opportunity to sleep a bit. Had already dosed off right after takeoff from MAN.

At arrival at Larnaca Airport around 3am, I txt Nikos. Great that I had at least his mobile number (thanks, Savas!). He has now been waiting for 4 hours... It is about 4am when I arrive in Nicosia.

The campus of University of Nicosia is east of the centre. A night guard is there to show me the room in the student hostel. I slowly realise that this accommodation is a bit different from what I am used: there is no TV in the rooms, no internet is available yet. There will be no breakfast, people will have to buy their own stuff. I was not really prepared for this... But the worst discovery comes when I am in the bathroom: there are no towels. Somehow I must have missed this bit of information in the preparations... Well, I will have to improvise in the morning... Now trying to get at least a few more hours of sleep.

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