Tuesday, June 24, 2008

3rd day: Excursion to Limassol

On the 3rd day of the "Intensive Program" (IP), the plans had changed: the excursion to Limassol which had been scheduled for Wednesday, will take place today on Tuesday.

I leave the hostel in the morning at 7am to walk and finally to buy a towel, as there are no towels in the dorm (I had to improvise a bit...). But the supermarket (2km away by walk on a dusty road) is still closed, and the convenience store does not have any towels...

We meet at 9am for departure at U.of Cyprus. In Limassol there is a lecture at the University of Technology of Cyprus. The speaker there, Christina, had lived in Manchester for many years, and here in Cyprus she misses the Manchester weather, with its rain showers and cool temperatures. I never heard anything like that...

After that talk, we have a few hours to walk around in Limassol or to go to the beach. I go with Richard, Martin, and Christian towards the beach, walk a few steps into the really warm water. Then a short snack at a pub bar, Moussaka salad, then I walk with Christian back towards the town centre, just to see what is there. We walk to the old castle which has Byzanthinian roots. Also visit the "sea sponge exhibition", a great tourist trap! The bust leaves back at 4:15. Monika and Julius had expressed an interest in seeing an archaeological site on the way back, therefore we left earlier than 5pm. But somehow the info was not conveyed to the bus driver... as I woke up from having dozed away, I see that we long have passed that location.

The Limassol Castle

This evening I am going to do a bit of work, for my geo-software. No excursion planned.

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Limassol Cyprus said...

Nice to keep track of your days of excursion :) I like it, been once to limassol and it is really worth going a second time