Friday, June 27, 2008

Last Day in Nicosia

Today the whole group will move to a place near Larnaca, to spend the remaining days of the "Intensive Programme" seminar. The workshop about publishing a paper is almost done; 5 sessions have been organised, one is remaining. But the time limit is not handled very strict, as the advising and consulting goes on an individual basis. Each of the student has a different background and status within their PhD progress, and one cannot give a general approach which is suitable to everyone. So I have tried to sit down with each student individually, to go through their status, their work, and distill ideas for a paper. Some of students who are more advanced in their PhD progress are ready for publication and have already writen abstracts. Others have still to find their focus of the work, so they need to study more on the literature. What we did today: I set up a pseudo-review on SurveyMonkey, with one of the abstracts from a student. This allows all other students to review this abstract as if they were members of a program committee. I hope that this is useful for each of them.

Wednesday evening Graham arrived from Leeds Met. We walked as a group to the cafe "Indigo" to have dinner and to watch the soccer game Germany-Turkey. Thursday then was again my workshop in the morning, also Graham contributed with a lecture.

In the evening, there was finally internet in the dormitory room, so I could upload my pictures. Graham, Verena, and myself wanted to go into town, to go to the Turkish part for dinner, but the taxi that I had called did not arrive within the next 60 minutes... so I decided to stay in the room and use the web for the Flickr upload. I also designed a new interface for the mobile GPS application I had in mind.

Today we will depart in the afternoon at 16:00.

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