Sunday, June 22, 2008

Intensive PhD Program in Cyprus - 1. Day

Unicersity of Cyprus, Noew Campus in Nicosia

The reason why I travelled to Cyprus was to give a workshop within the Intensive PhD Program.

My role in this program was to give a workshop to the PhD students for writing their own paper, to be submitted to a conference, journal, workshop, or other. The seminar started in the morning of Sunday, 22. June, at the campus of the University of Cyprus. Erwin Bratengeyer (Danube University Krems) and Savas Katsikides (University of Cyprus) had organised this seminar and gave an introductory overview on this seminar. Then I started my workshop.

Naturally, when it comes to paper publication in the Computer Science domain, the automatic paper generation tool SciGen comes to mind. While this is a great tool for "testing" conferences, it also has some educational merit as showing the general structure of a paper. And it creates a fun effect for all participants who can get one of those fabulous nonsense papers.

The workshop gave to participants the first assignment: to find suitable outlets for their work.

For lunch we Savvas ordered 8 pizzas, which we ate on the roof of the university building.

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