Sunday, June 22, 2008

Evening in Nicosia

The dormitory and the campus of University of Cyprus are relatively far away from the Nicosia city centre: about 5km. Too far to walk, and busses to only once per hour, in a schedule which needs to be interpreted with a +/- 30 min uncertainty. So we do have no other choice than taking a taxi. Or better, two taxis, as our group os 6 people. We get dropped off somewhere near the centre, walk then towards the Ledra street.

We find a nice restaurant, someone has recommended it. Inside we sit down and order Meze, this fabulous collection of starters and main dishes, sampling everything. Erwin watches the game Spain-Italy.

After dinner we walk towards the border, which has now changed a bit since I was there 3 months ago: the wall has been removed, and instead of soldiers there are policemen. The buildings at the side have been "secured", empty shells left over from the war. Neither of us has their passport with them, so we cannot cross. Something to do tomorrow.

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