Tuesday, March 18, 2008

In London at conference/workshop: GCCR 2008

A while ago, my colleague Prof. Colin Pattinson had alerted me to a workshop in London: about a workshop about a "Grand Challenge for Computing Research" with the topic Bringing the history to life for the citizen, organised by Prof. David Arnold from U. Brighton.

So today I got up early in the morning (4:45), then took the 6:05 train to London Kings Cross. Arrived at 8:30 on time. In the train there was free WiFi - for everyone, not just for 1st class! Great - I immediately tried out the GPS on my new mobile phone and used GpsGate to upload the data to a server. Worked excellent: satellites to mobile, mobile to WiFi, WiFi to server, server, back to WiFi, to my laptop computer where my position was then shown on a map. Works really great! I will setup our own CT server soon to have this functionality.

At the workshop there were only 7 participants. I gave a 15 min overview about Colin's and my view of this challenge. Very interesting - I enjoyed this topic and look forward to contribute something to it!

From 17:45-19:30 the main GCCR08 began with a series of short intros about 8 of the Grand Challenges. Very interesting - but I had been up since very early in the morning, and had to fight my head from falling to the sides.

Afterwards there was a posh dinner. The venue for this event was the Royal Society a few blocks away from the venue of the workshop at the British Computing Society (BCS).

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