Wednesday, March 12, 2008

another blog: on O2

Another experiment with blogging: on the weekend I heard about the new O2 blogging system: "Blueblog". Well, it did not look so new anymore, as I noticed that it must have been around since November 2007. But the interesting thing: one can blog here, just by sending SMS, but they are "free". At least from within the UK. So these txts are just sent to an internal O2 mobile number, they do not count towards the monthly txt allocation, and they do not cost anything.

The only thing: this blog does not very professional...
Here is my "Blueblog", just with some entries to demonstrate. Some entries have been sent via the web interface, a few have been sent as SMS. No editing is possible once the blog entry has been published. One can add a picture, but only through the web interface.

I tried several times to send a MMS with a picture to this blog, but did not work... although it states that MMS are accepted. I have to try a bit more.

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