Friday, March 28, 2008

CIRCLE Conference - 2nd day

My talk is at 9:00. There are about 9 attendees, the rest must be in the other two parallel sessions. I meet another colleague from Leeds Met: she is working on technology-enhanced learning and is glad that a few more technology-oriented people attend this conference. We agree to have a meeting next week at Leeds Met, to discuss some joint projects. My talk goes well, the introduction to Web 2.0 is positively received. There are a few more talks this morning which deal with the application of technology in various areas of eGovernment, Market Research, Marketing, etc.

A few participants have to leave already, but I stay for the whole duration into the afternoon. It is a great opportunity to learn about another field and to make contacts across disciplines.

At this conference, there were overall 70 papers, and 120 participants, as we learn at the concluding session. Next year, CIRCLE will be in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg. It seems that the topics of this conference are quite relevant to some of the PhD students from the Danube-University Krems – I will inform them about this event; maybe a few could publish papers then.

In the evening, there is another joint event: the bus drives to the coastal city of Larnaca. We stop at the beach promenade with its palm trees and walk to the St. Lazarus Church, where the grave of St. Lazarus (died 90 A.D.) had been found in the 9th century. I did not ask how they were so sure it was really Lazarus – afterall, the Carbon-dating method had not yet been fully developed in the 9th century.

There is a prayer service in this Creek-Orthodox church, as our group slowly intrudes there, to step down into the crypt with the empty sacrophaguses.

We continue to the art cafe "1900" for a drink.

Then further on with the bus a short distance to the fish restaurant "Monte Carlo" where a generous fish meze is being served. Back at the hotel around midnight.

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