Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Arrival on Cyprus

The tour operator Tamasos was supposed to pick me up and drive me to the hotel in Nicosia, about 45 km away from the airport. Yes, there was a guy waving a sign CIRCLE, I went to him, and he told me there would be 4 more. Ok, I would wait outside. Went through the door into the warm evening air. What a contrast to icy Leeds! In the morning there was still almost frost in Leeds, and now here in Larnaca it was around 17 C. I decided to go back into the building, to get something to drink for later. Who knows if I would be able to find something at that late hour in Nicosia. When I came out again, I kept waiting for the guy from Tamassos. But he did not come... so I got worried. Called the agency, they gave me his mobile number, then I called him. Yes, he was still here, had not yet left. As we were talking and giving each other our position where we were, I saw him walking with his mobile... good, I had not missed him.

5 more people arrived: my colleague Claudio from Leeds Met plus two other Leeds Met academics, plus two acquaintances of Claudio. Together, with the luggage, we were supposed to fit into one car. No, not a van: a regular Mercedes taxi. Ok, it was one of those Limosine taxis, with stretched body. A Mercedes 220D or something, but from the 70s (the old /8). The 6 of us were squeezed onto the 2 back benches, the trunk with the suitcases almost did not close. But it worked out ok, and we arrived well in Nicosia.

I decided to walk a bit outside near the hotel. Local time 23:30. There were still a few kiosks open, so I had worried for nothing. One stand in the street offered warm olive bread – a good midnight snack.

The Wifi in the room was weak, I was not able to connect to the internet.

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