Sunday, June 28, 2009

And back again in New York City

This time I stay in Queens, not far from the JFK airport, near Jamaica Ave. Has actually a good connection to JFK, with the AirTrain. I explore a bit the neighborhood of Jamaica Ave.

The NY subway E train goes express to Manhattan, it takes only about 30 minutes. I get off near Central Park at 5th Ave.

In the Central Park there are the "Victorian Gardens" with lots of attractions for children:

I walk down the 5th Avenue, passing the Rockefeller Center:

Further along 5th Avenue. The street has been closed for some event, it is being opened block by block. Later I realise that there just had been the annual Gay Pride Parade.

Near the Empire State Building:

Near 33rd Street:

Near Greeley Square with a view of the Empire State Building:

In the evening, back at the hotel, I enjoy watching TV: Bill Maher, and then the cartoons on Fox: Simpsons, Family Guy, King of the Hill. I also use the free WiFi to upload the first set of pictures to Flickr and Photosynth.

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