Monday, June 01, 2009

Scorching Heat here in UK!

The summer has arrived here in England. This weekend had been plain blue sky, without any cloud. The heat reached unbearable dimensions: the thermometer climbed up and might have even exceeded 25 C (75F) - unbelievable!

But I had to work: deadline for marking students' work was today, and I could not use the nice weather but had instead to read reports. My bad mood about this is of course reflected in the marks!

(just kidding)

Here is a picture of our Leeds Met campus in Headingley: the Caedmon Building. My office is the room right above the entrance door.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful music that kept me going through a long work night :) Thankyou.

BTW - Nice place of work.

I could have done with some cooling down too. I guess we just arent used to this kind of weather here in the Uk.

Hope your having a good day Reinhold.