Saturday, June 13, 2009

Problems with Windows Mobile Phone - Miraculously Solved

This past Tuesday, at 10:54, something must have happened: this was the last time when my Windows Mobile Phone (HTC TyTN II) synchronised its email with our server at work. I could not identify the problem... the calendar sync went ok, there was a connection to the server, just when it came to email, all that was displayed was "connecting...", then "0/760", trying to get the emails over. I had contacted our tech support, thinking it had to do with something on the server. They could not find any fault, so I kept trying with the phone, changing sync settings etc. Internet connection on the phone worked ok, anything else also seemed to work fine. Then yesterday I found another fault: tried to run Google Maps which I had installed last year, and that gave an error: "Google Maps cannot be opened. Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate, or one of its components cannot be found. If the problem persists, try reinstalling or restoring this file". Now that was strange. I had used Google Maps a few weeks ago, it was working fine. A couple of phone soft phone resets did not help. I hesitated to do a hard reset, fearing I would have to install all my applications again.

I installed the latest version of Google Maps, worked ok. Except when I wanted to set GPS options: a crash with an error message occurred then.

Not sure what the cause for these problems was. There must have been something in the memory. Maybe an overflow? I still had more than 47M available. I deleted manually all emails in my inbox on the phone - more than 250. Tried again to sync, but still did not work.

But when I woke up this morning, the email problem had "healed" itself! The inbox was filled with new emails, and the connection to the Windows Exchange server seemed to be ok. Not sure what solved this problem... I will try to monitor.

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