Thursday, May 28, 2009

Problem with Blog on MS IE8 - only at work!

Today when checking this blog, I got an error: "Cannot find file...". I was using MS Internet Explorer 8. I tried in the other browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome), and it worked fine. So I thought it must be something on my blog which throws off MS IE 8, and I began disabling / commenting out some of the Javascripts. But the error still remained - I was puzzled.

Then in the evening, when I tried again. Now it worked ok!

So my conclusion: it must be some settings of the proxy. At work, we connect to the internet through a proxy server, and I always have to change the settings. Never had a problem though. Also strange is that it only appears in MS IE8. Google Chrome actually shares the proxy settings, but that browser has no problems....

So I will enable again all my sidebar Javascripts, as most people in the world probably connect to the web without a proxy server.

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