Wednesday, May 06, 2009

EPSRC Workshop "Maths for Life"

I arrived on time at the venue in Canary Wharf. Nice environment, all very new, recently built. Never before have I attended a similar event, where a future EPSRC sandpit was to be prepared. There were 74 participants from various disciplines who were interested in this theme "Maths of Life". We wrote on the "table cloth" (made out of paper) why we attended and why this topic interested us; then we moved on to define the specific challenges in this area. Overall, eight different challenges were defined, which were then discussed in the afternoon in groups. My interest in "Artificial Creativity/Innovation/Intuition" was shared by not many, but the few participants who joined the table where this topic was to be discussed, were quite enthusiastic about it.

EPSRC collected the output of these discussions and will use them now for setting up the future sandpit - a public call will soon be issued. Unfortunately only one of those challenge topics will probably make it as sandpit topic...

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